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Vintage Travel Engagement Shoot

Love this themed engagement shoot by  Boakview Photography.

From the couple: Jeffry and I met in a classroom on our first day in university in summer 2006. After we initially met we went out of our way to spend as much time together as possible and secretly signed up for all of the same group projects together. As we are both a little shy, it wasn’t until the winter semester that we finally went on our first date and finally became a couple. But as with many relationships we had some bumps along the way. Because I decided to continue my studies abroad in Japan for five years Jeffry and I endured a long distance relationship. After such a long separation we just couldn’t imagine being apart for any longer and we both came to Canada to study abroad together.

After just two years in Toronto, Jeffry asked to marry me and without any hesitation I said “YES”!Because we are both from Indonesia and will be getting married there in the Spring, we decided to capture our engagement in downtown Toronto – the city where we finally got to be together and where we got engaged!

Since meeting in school and are truly an international couple at this point, we decided to go with a vintage travel theme for our engagement session. I wore a vintage-inspired dress and we played around with some old suitcases – I even borrowed some vintage books from the library. The setting of dowtown Toronto was also a perfect backdrop for our theme and when Jeffry and I walked down the path holding our suitcases that was the moment that I felt like we were making a promise to each other to be together for always.