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A Wedding In The Ontario Countryside

Hamilton wedding photographers Julius and James sent us this Ontario countryside wedding. Here is there description of this rustic, elegant affair.

Ruby Fu and Carlo Silverio come from Chinese and Philippine backgrounds. They fell in love with each other here, but they also fell in love with Ontario’s countryside. Their wedding reflects the two traditions and the two loves.

Their Catholic ceremony featured two very Philippine wedding symbolic customs. A cord called a yugal, in the form of a figure 8 is draped over the shoulders of the couple, symbolizing the infinite nature of marital fidelity. Chinese customs were followed at the wedding reception, with ‘wedding games’ where bride and groom try to demonstrate how well they know each other, and with plenty of toasting, with Ontario wine from Cave Springs winery. During the first dance, the bridal party formed a circle around the couple, which marked the beginning of a long happy night of dancing.

Ruby put a great deal of thought into every detail of the wedding. She chose her lodgings at the 1851 Historic House for their refined, ‘feminine’ elegance, and Carlo’s for their more rustic, masculine atmosphere. All of the details, flowers, invitations, clothing, settings were supervised by Ruby herself, and reflect her sense of vintage style. The whole wedding seamlessly merged two global traditions with local Ontario style and flavour.