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Where To Host Your Wedding Reception

When choosing a venue for your wedding there are a couple of things to keep in mind: number of guests, budget, time of year and availability. Here are a couple of different types of venues and what you can expect when booking them.

Hotel: A hotel is a great place to get married if you have a long guests list and if many of them are from out of town (accommodations are a no-brainer!). Hotels have onsite catering and some rentals, such as tables and chairs, are included in the cost. Plus, if you’re hosting your ceremony at the hotel, as well, there are no transportation issues to think about. Weddings often take place in a hotel’s ballroom, though, so you’ll need to invest in décor to make a statement.

Sutton Place Hotel

Restaurant: I love the idea of a restaurant wedding; it’s intimate, casual and easy. You will need little décor, rentals are included and you’ll know exactly what to expect with the food. Keep in mind that you’ll be limited to specific days and times of the week in which the space can be rented out. You’ll also have to limit your number of guests (on average, a restaurant can usually accommodate 100 people). Seating will likely be untraditional; it’s worth asking to see photos of previous events to get an idea of how tables can be configured.

Terroni Restaurant

Art gallery or museum: Hosting a wedding at an art gallery or museum will definitely impress your guests and make a statement. Keep in mind though this will be one of your more expensive options. You will need to bring in most of your suppliers, rentals, catering, décor and wait staff. And you might have to use the venue’s preferred suppliers, though this is not a bad thing because they will often be the best in the business and they’ll already know the ins and outs about that particular space.

The Art Gallery of Ontario

Private residence: Getting married in the house you grew up in or at the cottage where your fiancé used to spend his summers will make people feel right at home. Depending on the size of your wedding, this can be a simple affair or a lot of work. If you can fit everyone inside for dinner (in case of rain) and there are enough bathrooms, chances are this won’t be a huge undertaking. But once you go over that magic number, you have to consider a tent, rentals, catering, transportation, décor, service staff, accommodations and most importantly, portable washrooms.

Backyard Wedding

Destination wedding: Who wouldn’t want to get married under the Tuscan sun or on a remote island surrounded by friends and family? If this is your dream, there is only one way to do it properly: hire an experienced destination wedding planner and let them take care of all the details. There really is no other way to do it.

Wedding in Iceland

Golf clubs and resorts: There are some great benefits to hosting a wedding at a golf club or resort. They have large dinning rooms, onsite catering, rentals are included and the view is usually spectacular. Plenty of green space makes for great wedding photos and the guests and wedding party will have a great morning out on the golf course. Be warned, though, that transportation might be an issue as most clubs are located outside of the city.

Toronto Hunt Club

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