Boakview Photography

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A dynamic duo capturing life’s precious moments.

Q & A with Boakview Photography

1. How would you describe your company?
Hi! We are Hugh and Kat and we are essentially, Boakview Photography. We are husband and wife, storytellers of love stories & 100% nerds (we’re talking full-on Star Trek geeks here!) We love to capture laughter, emotions, fleeting moments in time, but most of all we love connecting with really amazing human beings!

We are based out of Toronto, but have travelled all over the world. IN fact our story begins in Asia where we spent 3 years writing and working as freelance photographers for a small travel and lifestyle publication. Our work took us all over the world and we loved meeting and documenting people’s lives so much that when we moved back to Canada we decided to make photography a permanent staple in our lives – Boakview Photography was born out of our desire to capture people’s most wonderful events in the most organic and honest way possible. We absolutely love capturing all the moments and in-between-moments that make life so magical. We live for those tender instants; the light kisses, the all-encompassing embraces, the soft whispers, wild laughter, genuine tears of joy, and dance-floor shenanigans when you think no one else is looking – this is what we strive to capture as photographers!

2. What would you say your style is?
Our background in documentary photography really speaks to our current style. We love getting personal and capturing our couples’ memories as they unfold. Every touch, smile, tear, and whisper, tells a story of intimacy, of belonging and of connection and we aspire to capture those moments and the emotions that are so interwoven in everyone’s love stories. We really try to approach photography in an organic / photojournalistic way – less posing more laughing and being silly together and just having fun. For us, it is important that our clients are more than just clients but also friends, people who are comfortable with us, who we can laugh with, be silly with, and dance with (yes sometimes we get down on the dance floor – sometimes!)

3. What is it about photographing weddings that you love?
The Emotions!!! Weddings are so emotive and so beautiful. There is laughter, tears, joy, everything – and we get to capture all of that! Plus we get to share a couples’ happiest day and be part of all the festivities, you really can’t get any better than that. Oh and all the while, we get to be creative, which is really amazing and inspiring!

4. What does your basic package include?
We always include 2 photographers, an online sneak peek gallery that is ready within a week of the wedding, 700+ high-res artistically re-touched photos on a keepsake USB and a good time.

5. What should couples expect when they meet you at the show?
Good conversation!

Catherine Lash