Wedding Photographer Corynn Fowler

Meet Wedding Co. Member Corynn Fowler.

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Today on The Wedding Co. a Q & A with the talented Corynn Fowler.

1. How would you describe your company? I approach this business as a storyteller. Using a combination of documentary and fine art wedding photography, I focus on using natural light to capture bright joyous imagery that tells a curated story of your wedding day from start to finish.

One of the core values of my business is building good relationships. I believe in creating a wedding photography experience where couples feel comfortable and well looked after from day one. I aim to get to know all the couples I work with in order to help eliminate stress, maintain transparency, and make the process of selecting and working with your wedding photographer simple and positive.

2. What would you say your style is? I use a combination of documentary and fine art photography techniques to capture spontaneous candid moments, dramatic big picture shots, and small thoughtful details in order to tell a complete story of your wedding day. My style of photography is based on the light and airy film look that I love to shoot, and my photographs are bright, joyous, and colourful.

3. What is it about photographing weddings that you love? The candid moments and relationships that unfold over the course of a wedding day are what keep me interested and excited about this business. I love getting to know couples throughout our time working together, and endeavor to customize and curate every wedding I photograph so that the images truly represent each individual story I get to watch unfold.

4. What are your other hobbies? My happiest moments are when I get to be outside enjoying nature. The majority of my hobbies include outdoor activities, from hiking to sea kayaking, gardening to stand up paddle boarding, if I could spend part of every day in hiking boots or a wetsuit I would!

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