Alexis Gallery & turnsmith

Custom engagement & wedding rings.

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Q & A with Alexis Smith from Alexis Gallery and her new venture, turnsmith.

1. How would you describe your company? Turnsmith are a collaboration between myself, Alexis and my wonderful sister Mercedes! Together, we examine the unique story behind each piece of jewellery, and watch it come to life.

My unique custom process allows couples to be intimately involved in every step of the design process. I specialize in custom engagement rings, perfectly interlocking & matching wedding rings and rugged, masculine men’s bands.

2. What would you say your design style is? Classic, elegant and dainty. I believe in clean, streamlined designs where every element exists in harmony.

3. What is your favourite metal to design with? What is your favourite stone? I LOVE gold- white gold, yellow gold, rose gold. My favourite gemstones right now are Salt & Pepper diamonds and Colour-Change Sapphires. What are those you ask? Come find out at the Wedding Co. Show P23!

4. What is it about working with couples to create their rings that you love? That moment when a couple tries on their custom wedding rings for the first time. I see the look on their faces, and that their rings encapsulate their unique personalities. It’s the best.

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