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Flower Bar


Flower Bar

Willow & Stems Flower Bar is the best way to entertain your guests during cocktail hour! We set up a stand full of fresh flowers and make on the spot flower accessories for you each one of your guests. By the time reception comes, they’re ready to party!

Address: By appointment only

Email: info@willowandstems.ca

Contact: Sherry Malakhi

Phone: (647) 706- 4999

Website: www.willowandstems.ca

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The Little Flower Press

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The Little Flower Press

The Little Flower Press is a custom bouquet pressing service that preserves your wedding bouquet in a beautiful piece of artwork. We use natural techniques to dry press flowers and recreate them into stunning designs that you can hang on your wall. Let us help you keep such a special memory of your wedding day!

Address: By appointment only

Email: hello@thelittleflowerpress.ca

Contact: Jordan Minnaar

Phone: (416) 797-4028

Website: www.thelittleflowerpress.ca